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High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Wilden® Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

The Wilden® High Pressure Series of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps are reliably effective in transfering viscous, solid-laden slurries at high discharge pressures. Wilden’s premier simplex and duplex diaphragm and piston-pump technologies powerfully deliver pressures up to 20.7 bar (300 psig) making them perfect for a wide variety of high-pressure duties, including filtration, chemical-sludge transfer and general industrial applications.

Without the need for costly external boosters or amplifiers for most applications, Wilden high-pressure pumps provide maximum performance for the dollar. And with their bolted construction, these pumps offer maximum product containment.

Wilden H220 High PressureWilden H220 High Pressure

Model    H220 High Pressure   
Wetted Housing    Ductile Iron and SS316   
Diaphragm TPE    Wil-Flex™(Santoprene) Food-Grade   
Diaphragm Teflon    FULL STROKE PTFE   
Approx wg Ductile Iron    38    kg
Approx wg SS316    37    kg
Air Inlet    1/2"    Inch FNPT
Pump inlet    1"    FNPT or BSP
Pump outlet    1"    FNPT or BSP
Suction lift dry    2.8    M
Displacement per Stroke    0.189    Litre
Max Flow    93.9    LPM
Max Head    20.7    Bar
Max Size Solids    6.4    mm
The above pump flow base on Rubber diaphragm       
Do not exceed 6.9 bar (100 psig) air supply pressure.

Wilden HS430SHS430S High Pressure

Model    HS430S High Pressure    
Wetted Housing    Aluminum, SS316    
Diaphragm TPE    Wil-Flex™(Santoprene) Food-Grade    
Approx wg Aluminum    29    kg
Approx wg SS316    55    kg
Air Inlet    3/4"    Inch FNPT
Pump inlet    1 1/2"    Inch Flange ANSI
Pump outlet    1 1/2"    Inch Flange ANSI
Suction lift dry    2    M
Displacement per Stroke    1.66    Litre (Aluminum)
Displacement per Stroke    1.55    Litre (SS)
Max Flow Aluminum    280    LPM
Max Flow Stainless    264    LPM
Max Head    17.2    Bar
Max Size Solids    6.4    mm
The above pump flow base on Wil-Flex diaphragm        
Do not exceed 8.6 bar (125 psig) air supply pressure.

H800 High PressureH800 High Pressure

Model    H800 High Pressure    
Wetted Housing    Ductile Iron, SS316 and Alloy C    
Diaphragm TPE    Wil-Flex™(Santoprene) Food-Grade    
Diaphragm Teflon    FULL STROKE PTFE    
Approx wg Ductile Iron    128    kg
Approx wg SS316    128    kg
Approx wg Alloy C    134    kg
Air Inlet    3/4"    Inch FNPT
Pump inlet    2"    Inch Flange ANSI
Pump outlet    2"    Inch Flange ANSI
Suction lift dry    3.7    M
Displacement per Stroke    1.67    Litre
Max Flow    360    LPM
Max Head    17.7    Bar
Max Size Solids    12.7    mm
The above pump flow base on Rubber diaphragm        
Do not exceed 5.9 bar (85 psig) air supply pressure.

Wilden H1500 HSWilden H1500 HS High Pressure

Model H1500 HS High Pressure
Wetted Housing SS316 Polish (FDA)
Diaphragm TPE Wil-Flex™(Santoprene) Food-Grade
Diaphragm Teflon FULL STROKE PTFE
Approx wg 115 kg
Air Inlet 3/4" Inch FNPT
Pump inlet 2" Inch Flange ANSI
Pump outlet 2" Inch Flange ANSI
Suction lift dry 3.8 M
Displacement per Stroke 1.2 Litre
Max Flow 291 LPM
Max Head 17.2 Bar
Max Size Solids 6.4 mm
The above pump flow base on FULL STROKE PTFE
Do not exceed 5.9 bar (85 psig) air supply pressure.

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